Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tuesdays with Tarinae 8/6

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Sherlock Series 3 Teaser Trailer

If you have not given in to the tempation that is BBC Sherlock, do so now. It is on Netflix, check your library, do whatever it is you must do to watch this. It is witty, it is intelligent, it is Benedict Cumberbatch. Each series is only 3 1.5 hour episodes and they will leaving in tantalizing agony for more. Thoughts on this trailer: Is that Watson...with a mustache?

10 vs Mr. Dude

I saw this image of David Tennant as 10 and I just cannot force myself to believe in coincendence. I mean I kind of have to given the Recess came first by 6+ years, but I still have the sha of doubt inside. Look at that hair!

BBC Broke My Dreams

With the announcement of 12, my list of hopefuls fell hopelessly by the wayside. These are the top three picks that I was rooting for only to have my dreams shattered

 Damien Lewis turned out to be my first choice. Born in London, Damien is a little known actor starring in the film Stephen King's Dreamcatcher and episodes of Homeland as Nicholas Brody. He has great hair (ginger if you didn't notice), great "shiny" off the wall attitude, and serious aptitude.

Andy Serkis has the "funny" look about him that they said they were hoping to get back to. He has well known characters but he himself is not so well known, he is Gollum. A great choice that was seconded by Jaedia on Twitter!

And we all know Rupert Grint. To be honest, I would have been okay with any of the HP cast but when it comes right down to it...

I wanted The Doctor to be a ginger.
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  1. Damien Lewis would have been a superb Doctor, no argument there. He was outstanding in Band of Brothers. I'm excited to see what Capaldi will bring to the role though. Wrote the Sun's TV reporter: "I can't wait to hear him reduce a Cyberman to tears with a foul-mouthed tirade."

    1. I watched a supercut with Capaldi and the use of the phrase "Fuckity bye" was probably one of the best things ever.

      I could see Andy Serkis, but I was holding out for Dan Stevens. Of my list of twelve, he was truly Number One.