Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tuesdays with Tarinae 7/30

Many of you know I have been a blogger for a long time. Many of you also know that my online identity is Tarinae, adopted from my main in World of Warcraft. What you may not know is that when I was doing my WoW blog, I ran a feature every Tuesday full of small tidbits that were share-worthy but not post dedicated worthy: Tuesdays with Tarinae.

I figure I am still most definitely identifiable as Tarinae and Tuesdays still most definitely exist...this just made sense.

Space Pirate Captain Harlock

If you enjoy foreign films/cartoons and can appreciate beautiful CGI in the way of Final Fantasy, this is absolutely brilliant. It looks fantastic and it is pirates....in space. Many thanks to Nevik for this nugget.

Doctor Who S7.1 E1

I just started watching Doctor Who Season 7 and I was hooked. I was extremely confused in the beginning and had to double check I remembered where we left off correctly but I was hooked. If this first episode is any indication, this season will highlight The Doctor with true heroism! If you have seen Season 7 we will have to chat about this when I am finished.

FandomFest = FailFest?

This past weekend in Louisville, Kentucky a large con, FandomFest, was held. The guest list at this show was highlighted with Jack Barrowman and I had even considered going. I am glad that I did not. There was a major outcry against this convention and its mismanagement and a lot of fans went home more than empty-handed. There were shattered dreams, broken hearts, heated heads, and empty wallets. Check out some of these event wrap-ups.

Kentucky Geek Girl: Fandom Fail
Pure Geekery: Fandom Fest
Pure Geekery: How Not to Run a Con
Topix: Louisville Forums: Likes & Gripes
Vortex of Geek: Open Letter to FandomFest

It is true that a lot of people managed to go and have a good time but it is sad that so many people had such a disastrous time when they should be having the time of their lives.

Thanks for tuning in this Tuesday! Check out the facebook page for more random goodies and discussions throughout the week!

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