Thursday, November 21, 2013

Watch It or Buy It DVD Review: Man of Steel

Watch it or Buy it Quickie DVD Review

This is not my Superman movie. There were so many things about this movie that irritated me and so many things that I could just pick apart and scoff. This is a disappointment because I actually enjoy Superman and I know how awesome he can but this isn't it.

Things that bothered me about this were Clark's ready acceptance of Jor-El and his heritage as a Kryptonian. He also just seemed to know everything there was about Krypton from a 5 minute conversation with the conscience of his dead father. And whoa, slow it down Kansas Cowboy, just because Lois Lane is your lore lover doesn't mean we have to force and rush something as awesome as your relationship with the candid reporter. And while we're on the subject of fast paced, how about how fast Zod and his minions absorbed all that yellow sun radiation in what took Clark years to absorb, manifest, and control!

This doesn't even mention the pointless destruction of Metropolis. We are talking billions of dollars in property damage here; and people got into a tiffy over how the Avengers left New York. But at least we got cool Krypton back story!

And in close, my open plea to Christopher Nolan et al. Please leave Henry Cavill with a beard. He is sexy.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Episode 5: Timey Wimey Bullshit

TEGP: Episode 5

So if last week was our speculations, hope, and dreams about Blizzcon this week is the coverage, possible let down, but extreme excitement over everything that was announced in Anaheim this past weekend. There is talk about the biggest annoucement of all the next World of Warcraft expansion: Warlords of Draenor. We also talk about Blizzard's new games Hearthstone (F2P CCG) and Heroes of the Storm (MOBA). We even have a few Warcraft movie details to discuss!

World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor

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Friday, November 15, 2013

Doctor Who Withdrawals

The Day of the Doctor is coming...

But if you're anything like me you are desperate to get your hands on anything that can sustain your overwhelming need for anything Doctor Who. Whether your Doctor is Christopher Eccleston or D10 or Matt Smith, there is still a love of who the Doctor is and these things are wonderful and enjoyable for all Whovians.

Comic Who

Comic Who is a lovely and exciting piece of fan art that comes as a comic strip featuring the Doctors in wonderful chibi cuteness. They have adventures and even cover super companions and have recently taken the Delorean back 50 years. This comic is worth checking out if you can handle squeeing!

Doctor Puppet

This is a fantastic Youtube series that features hand-crafted Doctor Who puppets filmed in stop-motion technique. This is produced in New York and you can follow them and subscribe to the Youtube channel for all the new episodes.

In Print Comic

In Print is another style of comic strip for Whovians to enjoy. Their "About" page wraps up the summary best:
Ever wonder what happens to the Doctor’s past selves when he regenerates? Well in the world of In Print they get saved into his own personal Matrix. All the previous models are in there, although the strip focuses mostly on the 7th and 8th Doctors as they were the highest profile Doctors during the Doctors run ‘In Print’. There’s not much to do when you’re a merely a memory stored in a post temporal psycho construct housed within the Doctor’s mind, so 7 and 8 tend to fill their time by snarking about the current incarnations adventures.
The Doctor Who Hub

This facebook page that features all sorts of wonderful, hilarious, and feel-inducing memes for Whovians. This page also engages fans with discussion questions and they have tendencies to travel the world and meet Whovians from all over. They have over 555K likes and they provide excellent materials that reach hundreds of thousands of those fans each day.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Episode 4: Warlords of the Dark Below

TECP: Episode 4

This episode was intended to be a light speculation on Blizzcon that would have been happening in a few days and some serious game talk turned into full World of Warcraft expansion speculation and we are okay with that. So here is where we note the rumors, instill hope, and wait anxiously for the news!

Also....NaNoWriMo and NYT Bestseller Allegiant is discussed.

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