Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tuesdays with Tarinae 8/19

Tuesdays with Tarinae, covering the past week in geek...

Trailer Mania

There were several trailers that released this week (or that I stumbled upon perhaps) and they absolutely blew my mind. This one is the movie trailer for the book-to-movie adaption of Richelle Meade's Vampire Academy.

I have never read this series, I chose to read Twilight instead and my Young Adult vampire fetish went no further. But these books are bestsellers and this trailer looks to be pretty action packed and little on that sexy side.

This next trailer is another testament to Blizzard's ability to create wonderful cinematics. While this in created in the game textures instead of their cinematic CGI, it is still very well done and the story is top notch. Intra-faction has started and the world is being torn apart. Also...appreciate the Naruto reference.

This last treasure is curtsey of the Kentucky Geek Girl. She and I have been long time fans of Fantasy Flight's Arkham series of board games including Arkham Horror, Elder Sign and most recently The Mansions of Madness. They have recently announced a new game, Elritch Horror and it looks so awesome; I cannot wait to play! Check out this trailer that sets up the story and introduces game play.

Beta Tests News

Blizzard's new game, Hearthstone, has launched its closed beta and sent out the first wave of invitations (I did not recieve one). Many of the fansites for World of Warcraft including WoWhead are holding giveaways for move beta keys. This game looks so awesome. As a fan of the TCG, I can't wait to try it out! It will be a Free-to-Play online CCG (Collectible Card Game).

In other beta news, SOE announced that you can now sign up for the EverQuest Next Beta. At the beginning of the month SOE announced their next step in the EverQuest franchise and are now moving into the next steps of expansion release: the beta! Keep an eye on the blog for more details surrounding this tale of Norrath. The beginning of this beta will also begin to mark the end of the Dragon's Prophet Beta and the game will release September 18!

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