Wednesday, August 7, 2013

There Can be Only 12: The Doctor's Regeneration

This post does contain the actor's name and photographs.

Sunday, August 4, BBC One ran a live special to announce who would be cast as the 12th Doctor. This actor will be taking over from Matt Smith who is due to leave the show and regenerate in the Christmas Special this coming Holiday.

Every whovian had their list of hopefuls and every major blog was running their speculation. The biggest hype surrounding 12 was what their race would be and if this time, he could be a she. The front runners for myself were Damien Lewis, Andy Serkis, and anyone from the Harry Potter cast. I was really holding out for a Ginger. The front runner that I kept seeing in all the speculation was Idris Elba; there was even a running of the odds.

Image from DailyMail.Co.Uk

But in the end, on Sunday somewhere around 2:30 PM EST the world watched as Peter Capaldi was announced as the twelfth Doctor. 

I have given myself some time to gather my reactions before writing this summary because in the original aftermath of the announcement I was in a state of disappointment. I know how old the doctors have been and I know how quirky they have looked and all these other things but he just wasn't how I envisioned my Doctor. The one I will go through my first regeneration with since joining the fandom. And so I let it go.

I waited and I looked at pictures and I watched Facebook pages. I knew that Capaldi had been in The Fires of Pompeii with 10 & Donna Noble but that didn't cut it. But now the news has sunk in and I am finally at terms with it and am pretty excited, I think it just as good as it always is but never better than 10!

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