Saturday, January 25, 2014

What Makes a Blog Post

So this is a post that requires fandom fans input. I have been wondering for a while what it is that actually makes a blog post? I know that in general a variety is the best thing overall. When you think about it the idea of being a geek really is about all sorts of different things, so that isn't what has me wondering.

But what do you think a blog post is?

Popular geek blog sites make a whole post of something that I would include in a Tuesdays with Tarinae post where I have a hodge podge of all that information. Would you want to see more smaller posts? See some of the style of content that I share on the Facebook page here, on the blog?

Or do you prefer not so constant but relatively regular lost discussion-style thought provoking pieces? This houses all things from geek news, reviews, etc.

So what is it that you think makes a blog post? How should things go for The Fandomonium in 2014? I need your help! Only you can prevent [dullness binges].

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  1. To be honest i'd say it's really up to you and your preferred style.. I mean, would you rather have categorised posts where <- this one is about wow and -> that one is about a tv show or do you enjoy your more general conversational style? I know this is kind of unhelpful but I'll read them in any form ;)