Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Comic Con News Blitz & Trailers

This year made people who attended Comic Con in San Diego the envy of most every geek. There were so many things debuted and released this year that it just makes the happy come to life. It also raised a new question on whether SDCC or Blizzcon should be my big con goal. Here is a small wrap up of the biggest announcements that made my day.

Karen Gillan

Karen Gillan, Amy Pond in Doctor Who, was cast as Nebula in Marvel's Gaurdians of the Galaxy. The movie caused quite a stir being a bit on the unknown side but Gillan goes all out for the role.

Legend of Korra Season 2 Preview

This was so awesome and so well done that I had to take a break the moment I saw it to tell you guys about it. Check out the trailer and recommendation for this series in my earlier coverage!

Catching Fire

This definitely looks like it is set to be a fantastic movie. Having read the first two books, I thought The Hunger Games was pretty spot on and was extremely well done. This trailer glimpses that they have taken the book even further and made it into a spectacle that is more than worth seeing! Bravo! Come on November!!

Man of Steel 2

It was confirmed over the weekend that in the next Superman movie, the Man of Steel will meet the Dark Knight. This was a huge reveal that stirs up a lot of questions. Normally it is a bad guy good guy scenario but now we had goodie vs. goodie. What could have happened to pit them against one another? I wasn't going to post the video but it gave me goose bumps to watch the unveiling, so here it is!

Wrap Up Movie News

Other noteworthy news is Marvel Avengers: Avengers of Ultron was announced. And the World of Warcraft movie was confirmed. As it turns out Sam Raimi has left the project and casting is set to start with production in 2014. The movie is just titled Warcraft. Apparently, there was a mood piece shown at the convention but it is not expected to be released.

What were your favorite pieces of SDCC news?

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