Thursday, November 21, 2013

Watch It or Buy It DVD Review: Man of Steel

Watch it or Buy it Quickie DVD Review

This is not my Superman movie. There were so many things about this movie that irritated me and so many things that I could just pick apart and scoff. This is a disappointment because I actually enjoy Superman and I know how awesome he can but this isn't it.

Things that bothered me about this were Clark's ready acceptance of Jor-El and his heritage as a Kryptonian. He also just seemed to know everything there was about Krypton from a 5 minute conversation with the conscience of his dead father. And whoa, slow it down Kansas Cowboy, just because Lois Lane is your lore lover doesn't mean we have to force and rush something as awesome as your relationship with the candid reporter. And while we're on the subject of fast paced, how about how fast Zod and his minions absorbed all that yellow sun radiation in what took Clark years to absorb, manifest, and control!

This doesn't even mention the pointless destruction of Metropolis. We are talking billions of dollars in property damage here; and people got into a tiffy over how the Avengers left New York. But at least we got cool Krypton back story!

And in close, my open plea to Christopher Nolan et al. Please leave Henry Cavill with a beard. He is sexy.

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