Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Nail in Microsoft's Coffin

Sony's latest press release of PlayStation4 details seems to have changed the game. This event, in the eyes of many console fans, has sealed away any chance Xbox One had...for the time being.

There are a lot of concerns in the gaming universe about the next generation of console gaming and it seems that Sony, unlike Microsoft, knows they will make more money if people actually plan to buy the system and seem open the plight of gamers.

Many fans on the official posts and even my own Facebook comrades have mentioned several things that I agree seem to have won the contest...even if I am a Playstation over Xbox fan in general.

DRM: Digital Rights Management & Used Games
In my opinion, this is the sole differentiation between the two consoles. XBox One's move to eliminate the used game market has caused a distinct uproar in gamers everywhere. The used market (and rental market) is distinctive and beneficial to players. The biggest backing for the used game market is finances, I count myself among so many gamers that cannot afford $50 for every game they want to play. The used market gets these unwanted and unplayed games into the hands of people who can enjoy them.

Microsoft also eliminated the ease of sharing games with your friends and or taking games to a friend's house to play together. It requires importing the Live account or paying a fee or buying the game.

The Japanese genius behind PlayStation had a great answer for the consumer and their used/sharing games worries:

Always On
Sony realizes that while the social aspect of gaming may be a big focus to them and a lot of players, many players don't prefer the social or simply may not always have access to the internet. Good thing you don't need it; no always on here.

Whoa! PlayStation announced they have undercut the XBox One release price by $100 at $399.

XBox One as a TV Add-On
After watching Microsoft's livestream, I noticed they are moving into a direction that wants to make the "television screen the most important screen in the living room" as they highlighted a lot of non-gaming features as equal parts. While PlayStation will have non-gaming functions as well (Netflix reports PS3 as the most popular streaming platform & it is what I stream on)...
"The most important thing we need to do is agree and understand that the PS4 is a great video game console that appeals to video gamers. If we miss that part, I don't think we get the initial establishment of the console. That formula has worked for us with all our consoles, including the PS3...Providing other non-game content is an area we will reveal and talk about in the coming months, but it's first and foremost a video game console."
I previously had an XBox 360 and within a year I sold it to make the move to PS3. I, of course, lost Halo as a title option but the satisfaction I have always had with PlayStation was easily achieved and I have been happy with the move. This latest bought of information only serves to keep me as a Sony fan though I don't know if or when I will make the move from 3 to 4.

What are your thoughts? Are you through with XBox? What is the ultimate game changer?


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