Sunday, June 23, 2013

Surviving the Google Reader Breakup

As a long time RSS subscriber, I was devastated to hear that Google has decided to shut down Google Reader. Reader was a well received program that was very popular among blog readers. This decision left the loyal, albeit potentially small, fan base with a huge hassle on their hands.

It wasn't just a matter of finding another source to feed our favorite blogs into but the importing of so many individual subscriptions could be cumbersome. Many of the other RSS aggregators were even dependent on the Google Reader foundation. So what do you do now? There are plenty of options available but I recommend Taptu.

Much like the other popular replacement option, Feedly, Taptu displays feeds through a magazine style interface. Taptu requires a login and this allows you to manipulate the feeds and display options as well as carrying the same collection of feeds seamlessly to android and Amazon apps. These apps display brilliantly on my Kindle Fire and Motorola Atrix smart phone. 

The small downfall to this feeder is that individual feeds (such as the one to this site) must be added and subscribed to through one of the apps. After that they update, pull, sync, and display without flaw. Taptu as a provider also allows you to subscribe to "store" streams that Taptu has put together. They utilize a huge variety of websites to put together themes like fashion, books, politics, etc. and you can subscribe to them and customize them by fine tuning the sources that supply to your streams. These streams are also intended to be smart streams that analyze the type of posts that you read the most and provides those more frequently.

In my Google Reader, I had allowed it to get unseemly and the posts were 1000+ in two days, I sued this opportunity to really think about the blogs that I subscribe to and in this feeder, I can prioritize the blogs I read frequently and I can still have everything else. Not to mention, the color scheme is black and pink, and I am a sucker for cuteness.

What will your rebound reader be?

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