Thursday, May 23, 2013

Dragon's Prophet Opens Beta

Sony Online Entertainment is working on a new free to play MMORPG: Dragon's Prophet. Recently they did a huge wave of invites offering beta invitations through avenues likes Raptr and Guild Launch. As a member of Guild Launch, I was excited enough to get the key but the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) meant there was not much I could tell you about it.

Tuesday, Senior Producer Todd Carson, announced that the NDA was over and that as of May 30, the beta will open. You can gain early access to the open beta with special features from vanity armor sets, an exclusive dragon, and more by purchasing a founder package similar to the exclusive packages offered in Kickstarter programs.

SOE has put out games like Everquest II, Runes of Magic, and DC Universe Online. Their Free to Play Your Way motto grants an easy to use and easy to play for free interface that gives you a variety of options of things to purchase with Station Cash or open access to the game with a monthly subscription.

As a long time player of MMORPG, at least 7 years might be considered long, I am pretty excited to be giving it a try. My surface ideas are that it is a rolled up Everquest, Skyrim, Eragon mashup. Or...maybe I really just want to tame a dragon.

Check out the trailer and leave your thoughts in the comments.

Check out Dragon's Prophet:

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